Sacramental Preparation

First Holy Communion

The Sacrament of the Holy  Eucharist

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion is a parish-based programme. It recognises the central role of parents in the development of their children’s faith which explores the many gifts given to us by way of a journey to reconciliation and the Eucharist. The preparation programme is only for  children who will be receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Each child is prepared so that he/she may have sufficient knowledge in their own capacity to understand the mystery of Christ in the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. The Children are expected to attend ALL the preparatory  sessions and the Sunday Masses. It is also a requirement that they attend Mass regularly at weekends with their family. Children should be 7and half years old by 30th November  of the year of applying to be on the programme. First Holy Communion Application Forms will only be available to families whose children regularly attend Sunday masses at either at Our Lady of the Rosary or St. Bernard’s parishes.

All completed forms must be returned to the parish office on 1st November of every year. All forms must be signed for by the parent of each child. Children who were not baptised at Our Lady of the Rosary and St. Bernard’s must attach a copy of their baptismal certificate to the form.