Sacramental Preparation

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults assists people who desire to come into full communion with the Catholic Church. The process is continuous so that anyone inquiring about membership is interviewed soon after initial inquiry is made.

The structure of the RCIA Process


  1. The Pre-Catechumenate or Inquiry Period

The process begins with an Inquiry Period – which the person inquiring has time to faith-share, learn, and question with RCIA Ministry members. During this time, the person prayerfully reflects on his/her desire to become an active member and be fully recognized by the whole Church Community.                           

  1. Catechumenate

Next, the person inquiring joins the Parish Community on Sundays to hear the Word of God proclaimed during The Liturgy of the Word, after which, he/she will be dismissed to study the Scriptures with RCIA Ministry members. Those inquiring will explore how the Scriptures are relevant to their lives of faith and learn more about Catholic life and doctrine. 

  1. The period of Spiritual Development and Preparation for the Sacraments 

This process continues with a period of intense focus on spiritual development and preparation leading to the reception of the Sacraments.                                                                   

4. The Continuing Journey as a Catholic

The final stage is a period of reflection on how best to continue the journey as a Catholic and to deepen one’s involvement in the life and ministry of the Catholic Church.