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Our Lady of the Rosary, Lawrence Weston and St. Bernard's, Shirehampton Bristol

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From our Parish Priest:

Fr Francis Ezennia MSP

Today you will receive a warm welcome at Our Lady of the Rosary and St Bernard’s. We have a Vigil Mass on Saturday and two Sunday Masses and there are various groups in the Parish that you are welcome to join…. Please check the Newsletter for more information. 

Church Maintenance

Church Maintainance for Our Lady of the Rosary & St Bernard’s Parishes Appeal

Mass Times

Our Lady of the Rosary

Saturday Mass: 6.00pm
Sunday Mass: 11.00am
    Wednesday Mass: 6.00pm
Friday Mass 9.00am

St. Bernard’s

Sunday Mass: 9.00am
 Tuesday 6.00pm
Thursday Mass: 9.00am

Latest News

All the latest news from our two Parishes can be found here including Dare-to-Dream and our latest newsletters

Proposed New Main Entrance Door For Our Lady of the Rosary Parish.

The present wooden  door was installed in 1953 when the Church was built. Few  years ago, the Church entrance canopy was pulled down due to structural issues. Consequently, the entrance door became more exposed to all sorts of  weather challenges, causing  expansion in the winter and contraction in the summer as a result of rain, humidity, and sun etc. Furthermore, opening and closing the door has become increasingly challenging.

Our goal is to replace the door with a type that will address all the challenges of the current one. Therefore, we wish to install a double metal, weatherproof, and secure door. We appreciate all you can give towards achieving this goal. May God bless you and your family as you support us in replacing our Church main entrance door.

Please, click the donate button to make either a one-off donation, using your credit or debit card. Or you may wish to  set up a direct debit towards your chosen amount.

Parish Priest.


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Our Lady of the Rosary
12 Kingsweston Lane
Lawrence Weston
BS11 0QU
Tel: 0117 982 3380
Email: bristol.ourladyoftherosary@cliftondiocese.com

St Bernard
Pembroke Avenue
BS11 9TU
Tel: 0117 982 3380